Hi there.

I’m a leader in software engineering, both in the technical sense and in the people-management sense. I love analysis and systems design. I enjoy being put on the spot. I love solving challenging problems with others.

And I will not do a live coding interview.

Before I get into why, let’s talk about better ways to get a good feel for the skillset I bring to the table.

One great way to get an excellent performance out of me is to send me a “take home” assignment. You can even ask me to return it within a single evening. …

How Republicans, Democrats, and the media all worked together to create an electable socialist.

In the 2020 election cycle, one presidential candidate alone accepts proudly the moniker of “socialist”: Bernie Sanders.

The received wisdom is that America will not vote for a socialist; so if Bernie Sanders is a socialist, then we’d be “insane” to vote for Sanders, because he is not “electable”. Supposedly, the Democratic base of alleged mostly-centrists could never get behind such a candidate.

Except… that’s not what’s happening.

Naomi Most

Epistemology junkie. Bioinformatics engineer. Still kicking ass and taking names for science.

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